Gathering in CA

God's gathering near Raymond, ca

In May 2022, something the Holy Spirit showed me was the needing to gather the saints together. Each of us gather within our own house fellowships within our cities, but it's also good to gather corporately and bring house fellowships together, as a larger group, for fellowship, prayer, teaching, praise, and evangelizing. We can learn from each other and this would be a great place to do that and have time to spend with one another over the weekend.
The schedule during the weekend would be of the things mentioned above, and this is the proposed schedule.
Weekend Schedule of events (Subject to change)
Friday4-6:00 pm - Arrival to the campground, fellowship, and setting up of tents.6:45 pm - Brief introduction of everyone7 pm - dinner8:00 pm - Fellowship and bonfire10 pm - Quiet time and Bed
Saturday7 am - breakfast8 am - 9 am - Prayer and praise9 am - 12 pm - teaching12 pm - Lunch1 pm - Hit the streets to evangelize & free time6 pm - Dinner7 pm - Fellowship and bonfire10 pm - Quiet time and Bed
Sunday7 am - breakfast8 am - 9 am - prayer and praise9 am - 11 am - teaching11 am - Packing and clean up12 pm - Lunch1 pm - Out of the camp
The dates of this event are August 5-7, 2022. The afternoon of the 5th until the afternoon of the 7th at:

Codorniz Recreation Area Campground at Eastman Lake near Raymond CA

37° 12' 56.9999" N


119° 58' 7.0000" W

It is right in the area of a sign that says Group Campground Areas, take a right at the sign, and then take a left at the sign that says Group Area B and continue until you find that second site. Site A is first when you make a left and site B is not too far down the road.
The costs for the weekend would be $60 per adult, $20 for kids (12-17) and $10 per child (6-11), kids under 6 years old are free. This would cover the cost of the necessities for group camping as well as the food for the weekend.
You would only need to bring a tent for you or for you and your family plus anything you use to shower like soap, shampoo, towel, clothes, toothbrush and, toothpaste. The showers on site are free showers, so you will not need to bring quarters.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

  1. Can I come alone?

Yes, as long as you are an adult, just bring a tent.

  1. Are there restrooms?

Yes, there is a restroom about 100-200 feet away as well as bigger restrooms with flush toilets and free showers several hundred feet away from the site.

  1. How much are the showers?

Free. However, there is no power or hot water in these restrooms, so you might want to take a quick shower. Especially if there are many present. However, a nice shower will be nice with the weather at the time.

  1. Will food be provided?

Yes, the costs of $60 per adult, $20 for kids (12-17) and $10 per child (6-11) will cover the necessities and food for us whom come. *Free for kids under 6.

  1. What is the purpose of the gathering?

Jesus prayed for us to be one in John 17, He desires unity amongst His people. The Bible says that they will know that you are my disciples by your love, so it is important to continue to remember one another and have that time of coming together collectively as the Body of Christ.

However, this will also be a connection weekend where people who want to live this life and want to learn more can come and experience fellowship with those who are living this life. To share testimony, to share about this new life in Christ with freedom from sin and sharing about living as a disciple with people who want to know more.

  1. Where is the Location?

Codorniz Recreation Area Campground at Eastman Lake near Raymond CA

37° 12' 56.9999" N


119° 58' 7.0000" W

  1. Do I need to bring a tent?

Yes, unless you want to sleep in your car :). Bring a tent, blankets or a sleeping bag, because it'll likely be warm (it may get cold at night, not sure), and a pillow if wanted.

  1. Can I bring a small RV?

Yes you may.

  1. Can i bring a car and trailer?

Please email me about this. If there are many of us I may not be able to allow it because we have a max number of vehicles allowed. If there aren't too many of us this would be fine

  1. Will there be electricity?

Yes, there is an outlet on site. If you want to bring a fan or something needing electricity and want to bring it to your tent, bring much extension cord. Probably 100 - 200 feet just in case.

  1. How do I pay for coming to the event? You can send it to my paypal email at: or you can send it to me via cashapp: $DanielLemieux or my Venmo at: @LemieuxDaniel

  2. Where can I register for the event? (Not necessary if you already have told me you are coming, but for those who haven't notified me yet).

You can register for the event below. We need a headcount and vehicle count prior to the event. There is a maximum number of people we can have on the site and vehicles. If many come then we will need to rent the additional site.

  1. How late can I pay for the event?

Up to the date of August 2nd, however please pray on deciding to come ahead of time so logistics on food and other things can be figured out. And the soonest you can pay would help very much.

  1. Any other questions?

Contact me at: or if you personally have my number.

Hope to see you there!

pictures near the park AND of the camp